Full swing

Here are a few pictures of Fun in the Lounge things. And I am eyeing up on my deak Judith Flanders’ ‘Christmas: a biography’ – what a great topic for a book. It has a legend of symbols used throughout – Carnival and riot, Religion: ritual and rite, The gift-bringers: Saints to Santa. Fun in the Lounge should be a whole lot better informed next year.

House all lit up, and lights around the garden - blaze of colour
Our house and yard as photographed by our neighbour – thanks Franco

Large glass bulb with twinkling fairy lights inside

Coloured glass, playful Christmas tree
Always room for another tree
Large angel dressed in burgundy with a Madonna-like face; lots of ornaments in the background
Angelic moment
Book cover of a red house in a snowy landscape. 'Christmas: a biography' by Judith Flanders
Published by Picador. 2017