What’s happened to Fun in the Lounge?

So now you are surprised.

By this time you expect to see the first posts of decorating under way. Remember how it usually goes – for example, in September last year the ‘Netherlands’ section was taking shape:

Christmas baubles in blue, featuring Dutch themes such as windmills


By early mid-October things were in full swing:

Selection of short artifical trees
Christmas trees growing up

2018 is different

There will not be your typical actual Fun in the Lounge. Because of the busy year that has been and the full few months ahead, we are having a break from the full on Fun in the Lounge. Oh, there are some new things for sure. Evidence:

Light up Christmas buildings still in their boxes
New LEMAX houses 2018

But the whole thing is scaled down. Items will be staying in boxes.

How long, you wonder, can this last?!

What will happen?

Will the Professor even appear?

Will the grinches think they have won? [They haven’t.]

Stay tuned for answers to these and other questions.

Walt Disney and Mickey ornament